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Muy Global | Ed. 06 | Nov 2022

• Mental health: ¿#1 disability in the world by 2030?

• Influenza vaccine and its positive effect on some patients with heart disease.

• Tirzepatide: Treatment for obesity and overweight gets FDA fast-track.

• Oxytocin derivative and its positive effect on Alzheimer's disease.

Muy Global | Ed. 06 | Sep 2022

• FDA approves first interchangeable biosimilar of Ranibizumab.

• Auvelity: FDA approves fast-acting therapy for major depression.

• Sitagliptin shortage: FDA seeks to avoid shortage after detection of Nitrosamine impurities.

• Novartis to spin off Sandoz unit.

Muy Global | Ed. 05 | Jul 2022

• Alopecia, FDA approves first treatment for alopecia areata.

• Research of pharmaceutical products in Latin America, access to innovation through various models.

• Insomnia: Treatment update with a focus on Orexin receptor antagonists.

• India and its “Pharma City” in Hyderabad: the country seeks to break China’s control over the pharmaceutical industry.

Muy Global | Ed. 04 | May 2022

• Empagliflozin as the first treatment for adults with chronic heart failure in Europe.

• Freight rates will remain high during 2022.

• Outbreak of hepatitis: WHO, the world health organization reports the identification of outbreaks in 12 countries.

• Eli Lilly’s obesity drug.

• Voxelotor: drug of the month.


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